Fratelli Saraceni VOLARE

Pinot Grigio & Pink Grapefruit

“Possibly the jewel in the crown of our range, Volare Pinot Grigio is a rich, fruity, full bodied style, and will sit fantastically well with light meats, seafood, cheese, as a chic aperitif or even as a “toast” style drink. In its elegant bottle it makes also an ideal & glamour gift.

We're really proud of Volare... something excellent to share with our family, friends and guests. A rich intense wine that will wow your senses. From our family to yours.”

Volare, the new iconic Italian wine created from Pinot Grigio and an added hint of sweet pink grapefruit.


Wine Type
Aromatized Wine

Pinot Grigio

Wine Making Process
After the grapes are selected the juice is fermented until it reaches 7% alcohol. Then the grape's natural sugar content is preserved by refrigeration in order to give the wine its unique sweet and aromatic characteristics.

Straw-yellow with pink reflections.

Fruity and very inviting, with intense scents of sweet pink grapefruit

Refreshing and delicately sweet

Alcohol by Vol.

Serving Temperature

Serving Suggestion
Try it with spicy food or with desserts like apple pie and ice cream, lemon merangue or cheese cake.

Volare Pinot Grigio & Pink Grapefruit