Splendia, Strawberry Passion


Splendia is an Italian sweet sparkling wine made from Merlot grapes with an added hint of natural strawberry aroma.

Are you looking for a light, delicate and fruity alternative to the usual sparkling wines? Look no farther than Splendia.

It is perfect to have with dessert or after dinner and also makes a great aperitif; making it ideal for many occasions.

Splendia… strawberry passion for your special moments.

Fratelli Saraceni Wine Awards


Wine Type
Sparkling Wine


Grape Harvest
Manually in small perforated boxes, to maintain the integrity of the fruit.
We pick the grapes at lower sugar level to ensure that Splendia has lower content in alcohol.

Wine Making Process
Harvesting in boxes, destemming, cooling the grapes to 8 degrees Celsius, soft pressing, cold clarification of the must, decanting and start the fermentation. Fermentation at 18 degrees for about 20 days, Second fermentation in autoclave with long Charmat metod, with temperature control at 12°C. Adding of a small amount of natural flavor for a unique and impressive taste.

Alcohol by Vol.
7 %

Serving Temperature
2-3°C/35-37°F – Chilled

Serving Suggestion
Ideal for memorable events, excellent as an aperitif, with desserts as well as for cocktails or simply on its own.