A family, two generations and an ongoing history have transformed a small cellar into a leading player on the Italian wine scene. Collections of superior quality, unconventional and unique wines, capable of distinguishing themselves throughout the world, offer the perfect compromise between the Italian historical tradition and the desire for innovation.

The prized vineyards in Tuscany in the Chianti region and in Veneto in the Prosecco zones are a genuine expression of prime winegrowing country with perfect microclimates for the ideal ripening of the grapes.

Fratelli Saraceni was founded by well known and admired hoteliers and restaurateurs Lorenzo and Matteo Saraceni, who were driven to produce wines that would defy the expectations of his tasteful clientele.

Thanks to an immediate success, the Saraceni family embarked on further expansion, and today a wide array of Saraceni products are enjoyed around the world.

our story, a Family story

Integrity, respect, fairness and trust. Passion, respect for traditions and innovation, with an extreme attention to quality, details, promotion and distribution of our products...

These are our core values and leading principles. As a family company, we put these values above everything else.

An unmistakable style, expertise and the constant research for renewal in the tradition... from a small paradise in the heart of Tuscany, where we began our activity, now our family addresses itself to the whole world, with the same credibility and passion of a time.

“Innovation as Strategy, Excellence as Mission”

The first releases from Fratelli Saraceni is a collection of wines that best represent the typical characteristics of the grapes and the terroir of their Tuscany, quality wines with fresh and fruity tones, where quality and identity are appreciated in the details.

The entire line is named “Libero”... affectionately inspired by the name of the father of the two brothers Lorenzo and Matteo.

Then were launched Prosecco, Perlè and the unconventional sparkling wines Blumond and Splendia, quickly became an international success... seductive, naturally light in alcohol and very very recognizable in taste and in product concept.

Each wine of Fratelli Saraceni is adorned and identified with an elegant packaging,  result of collaboration with the designer Simonetta Doni, founder of the prestigious Studio Doni&Associati.

..for a unique wine experience.

our core values